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old-fashioned garden tips/tricks:

  Eggshells for slugs, snails, caterpillars

Index of tips

Vegetable Tips
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Organic Insect & Weed Control Tips
Potato Juice as an Insect Destroyer - 1888
Weeds on Gravel Walks - 1888
Tomato Leaves a Remedy for the Curculio - 1888
Eggshells for slugs, snails, caterpillars

Miscellaneous Tips
Driving Nails Into Hard Wood - 1888
To Clean an Old Roof - 1888
To Render Wood Uninflammable - 1888

Handy Devices
Moving Large Tree 1919
Shade for Poultry Yard (Trellis)- 1919
Water Heater and Food Cooker - 1919
Window Stand for Seed Boxes - 1919




I have found that crushing eggshells and making a border of 'em around individual plants will deter slug'n'snails.....they don't like to cross the jaggy surface.

Eggshells in large pieces around your brassica-family vegetables (cabbage, cauliflowers, buk choy etc) deters cabbage butterflies...they will not lay their eggs, as they think another cabbage butterfly is there already.

However, if it is too late, and you have caterpillars on your cabbages already...pick off all you can, and put 'em in a blender with some water, and spray 'em back onto the cabbages. You will not get any more eggs laid there. Of course..remember to wash your cabbages well before use!