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Book Cover & Title
Food Saving & Sharing


Food Saving and Sharing -
Telling How the Older Children of America May Help Save from Famine
Their Comrades in Allied Lands Across the Sea.

Food Saving and Sharing 1918
Cover & Title Page
Hunger Map of Europe 1918
Grace at Table



Food Saving and Sharing
II. Food in General
III. About Fruit and Vegetables
IV. Foods That Help Build the Body
V. Cereals, Foods Rich in Starch
VI. Sugar and Sweets
VII. Fats and Fatty Foods
VIII. Hungry Europe
IX. Where Is the Food of the World?
X. What We Did About It
XI. What We Have Yet to Do
XII. The Little Group of One

America's food pledge 20 million tons -  prove your Americanism by eating less


Food Saving and Sharing cover of book      Food Saving and Sharing inside cover of book message to boys and girls   Title page of Food Saving and Sharing

You can help three times a day by wisely choosing what you eat.
You can help, too, in getting other to do the same.
You can help to save from famine untold numbers of your friends across the sea.