Nature Spirits


 The Findhorn Garden   The Findhorn Garden - Findhorn Community - 1976

more info:  USA:  The Findhorn Garden

Europe:  The Findhorn Garden

 The Spirit of Findhorn    The Spirit of Findhorn - Eileen Caddy - 1997

more info:  The Spirit of Findhorn

 To Hear the Angels Sing    To Hear the Angels Sing: An Odyssey of Co-Creation With the Devic Kingdom - Dorothy MacLean - 1994

more info:  USA:  To Hear the Angels Sing: An Odyssey of...

Europe:  To Hear the Angels Sing


Michael J. Roads:

 Into a Timeless Realm: A Metaphysical Adventure    Into a Timeless Realm: A Metaphysical Adventure - Michael J. Roads - 1996

more info:  USA:  Into a Timeless Realm : A Metaphysical...

Europe:  Into a Timeless Realm

 Journey into Nature    Journey Into Nature: A Spiritual Adventure - Michael J. Roads - 1990

more info:  USA:  Journey into Nature : A Spiritual...

Europe:  Journey into Nature

 Talking With Nature    Talking With Nature: Sharing the Energies and Spirit of Trees, Plants, Birds, and Earth - Michael J. Roads - 1987

more info: USA:   Talking With Nature : Sharing the...

Europe:  Talking with Nature

 Journey Into Oneness    Journey Into Oneness - Michael J. Roads - 1994

more info: USA:  Journey into Oneness

Europe:  Journey into Oneness


Perelandra / Machaelle Small Wright:

 Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered    Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered - Machaelle Small Wright - 1997

more info:  Behaving as if the God in All Life...

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Co-Creative Science: A Revolution in Science Providing Real Solutions for Today's Health and Environment - Machaelle Small Wright, James F. Brisson - 1997

more info:  Co-Creative Science : A Revolution in...

 no photo   Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon - Machaelle Small Wright - 1995

more info:  Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon

no photo    Flower Essences: Reordering Our Understanding and Approach to Illness and Health - Machaelle Small Wright - 1988

more info:  Flower Essences : Reordering Our...

 Perelandra Garden Workbook    Perelandra Garden Workbook: A Complete Guide to Gardening with Nature Intelligences - Machaelle Small Wright - 1993

more info:  Perelandra Garden Workbook: A Complete...

 no photo   Perelandra Garden Workbook II: Co-Creative Energy Processes for Gardening, Agriculture and Life - Machaelle Small Wright - 1990

more info: Perelandra Garden Workbook II :...



 The Elves of Lily Hill Farm    The Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A Partnership with Nature - Penny Kelly - 2000

more info:  USA:  The Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A...

Europe:  The Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A...

 Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings    Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings: Working With the Intelligence of Nature - Marko Pogacnik - 1997

more info: USA:  Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings :...

Europe:  Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

 Talks with Trees    Talks with Trees - Leslie Cabarga - 1997

more info:  Talks with Trees