Garden Mysteries


Mary Freeman: Rachel O'Conner mysteries


Devil's Trumpet

  1. Devil's Trumpet - Mary Freeman - April 1999

more info:  Devil's Trumpet


Deadly Nightshade

  2. Deadly Nightshade - Mary Freeman - November 1999

more info: Deadly Nightshade

  Bleeding Heart   3. Bleeding Heart - Mary Freeman - September 2000

more info:  Deadly Nightshad


Susan Wittig Albert: China Bayles mysteries

I like China Bayles, the big-city Texas hot-shot criminal lawyer who gives (almost all of) it up to start an herb store in a small town. She does keep her lawyer paperwork up-to-date which gives her credibility and access to information she would not otherwise be privy to as she somehow becomes involved in a lot of the town's crimes. Unlike most main characters, China's personal life is an integral part of the stories. There is also quite a bit of information about herbs, with one herb emphasized in each book.

To really understand the characters and some of the references, it is important to read the books in order from the beginning. I'm on my second read through the series.

China even has her own website with herbal information, recipes, crafts, an herbal zodiac (herb gardening by the moon) and information about the books.


   Thyme of Death    1. Thyme of Death - Susan Wittig Albert - 1992

more info:  USA:  Thyme of Death : A China Bayles Mystery

Europe:  Thyme of Death


Witches' Bane

  2. Witches' Bane - Susan Wittig Albert - 1993

more info:  Witches' Bane

  Hangman's Root   3. Hangman's Root - Susan Wittig Albert - 1995

more info:  Hangman's Root

  Rueful Death   4. Rosemary Remembered - Susan Wittig Albert - 1995

more info:  USA:  Rosemary Remembered

Europe:  Rosemary Remembered

  Rueful Death   5. Rueful Death - Susan Wittig Albert - 1996

more info:  USA:  Rueful Death : A China Bayles Mystery

Europe:  Rueful Death : A China Bayles Mystery

  Love Lies Bleeding   6. Love Lies Bleeding - Susan Wittig Albert - 1997

more info:  USA:  Love Lies Bleeding : A China Bayles...

Europe:  Love Lies Bleeding : A China Bayles...

  Chile Death   7. Chile Death - Susan Wittig Albert - 1998

more info:  USA:  Chile Death : A China Bayles Mystery

Europe:  Chile Death : A China Bayles Mystery

  Lavender Lies   8. Lavender Lies - Susan Wittig Albert - 1999

more info:  USA:  Lavender Lies : A China Bayles Mystery

Europe:  Lavender Lies : A China Bayles Mystery

  Mistletoe Man   9. Mistletoe Man - Susan Wittig Albert - 2000

more info:  USA:  Mistletoe Man

Europe:  Mistletoe Man

  Bloodroot   10. Bloodroot - Susan Wittig Albert - 2001