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Gourd Craft

  The Complete Book of Gourd Craft: 22 Projects, 55 Decorative Techniques, 300 Inspirational Designs - Ginger Summit, Jim Widess, Deborah Morgenthat - 1998

more info:  USA:  The Complete Book of Gourd Craft : 22...

Europe:  The Complete Book of Gourd Craft


  Gourds in your garden   Gourds in Your Garden: A Guidebook for the Home Gardener - Ginger Summit - 2001

more info:  Gourds in Your Garden : A Guidebook for...

  Making Gourd Musical Instruments   Making Gourd Musical Instruments: Over 60 String, Wind & Percussion Instruments, and How to Play Them - Ginger Summit, Jim Widess - 2000

more info:  USA: Making Gourd Musical Instruments : Over...

Europe:  Making Gourd Musical Instruments




Nature Printing

  Nature Printing with Herbs, Fruits & Flowers - Laura Donnelly Bethmann, Deborah Balmuth - 1996

more info:  Nature Printing with Herbs, Fruits &...

    Drawing the Light from Within Keys to Awaken Creative...   Drawing the Light from Within: Keys to Awaken Your Creative Power - Judith Cornell - 1997

more info:  USADrawing the Light from Within : Keys to...

Europe:  Drawing the Light from Within : Keys to...


Why Cats Paint

  Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics - Heather Busch, Burton Silver - 1994

more info:  USA:  Why Cats Paint : A Theory of Feline...

Europe:  Why Cats Paint

Beautifully photographed, hilarious, odd - a cat lover's delight. Wish I could teach my cats how to paint.

    Dancing with Cats   Dancing with Cats - Burton Silver, Heather Busch - 1999

more info:  USA:  Dancing With Cats

Europe:  Dancing with Cats

Sequel to Why Cats Paint. Laugh out loud fun.


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