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Carrots Love Tomatoes 

Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening - Louise Riotte - 2nd Ed 1998
This gardening classic was first published in 1975, and now a second generation of gardeners who prefer pest-resistant planning to chemicals will find a place for it on the shelves. Not only does it tell what to plant with what, but also how to use herbal sprays to control insects, what wild plants to encourage in the garden, how to grow fruit and nut trees, how to start small plots or window-box gardens, and much more. It's one of the most practical books around for any gardener of edibles, no matter how serious or casual.

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 Good Neighbors: Companion Planting for Gardeners - Anna Carr - 1985

Book Cover:
"You've probably heard lots of companion planting suggestions . . . Has your neighbor told you to plant marigolds around your beans to keep the beetles away? Did you read somewhere that a ring of nasturtiums around squash vines will keep them pest-free? Does your aunt swear that her tomatoes have never tasted better since she started planting them next to the basil? Or perhaps you've heard that a black walnut tree will poison any crops that grow nearby?
     All of these are familiar, age-old companion planting traditions. Many gardeners swear by them–but do they really work? How much do you know about companion planting?
     Good Neighbors: Companion Planting for Gardeners is the most complete, authoritative source of information you'll find on this most fascinating of gardening techniques. It offers both the traditional practices and the most up-to-date research so that you can plant different crops together to: control pests, weeds and diseases; promote healthier growth; gain the highest yields; beautify the garden and landscape."

 - Rooting patterns of some crops and vegetables
 - What weeds tell you and weeds associated with diseases
 - Line drawing illustrated Encyclopedia of Companions for over 130 vegetables, herbs, flowers, weeds, grasses, fruit and nut trees.
 - Planting patterns, garden design ideas, recipes for natural bug sprays.
 - Appendix explains how you can experiment with companions.
 - Bibliography.

Great Garden Companions Great Garden Companions - Sally Jean Cunningham - 2000

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Companion Planting Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening Companion Planting (Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening) - Susan McClure, Sally Roth - 1994

Photographic guide to companion planting.

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Roses Love Garlic Roses Love Garlic: Companion Planting and Other Secrets of Flowers - Louis Riotte - 2nd Ed 1998

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