Books: New-fangled (in-print)

Books About Books - book collecting and the history of books, looks into the world of old and rare book selling, mysteries and bibliomania

Bookbinding - books about making books, paper and journals. How to repair books and a book repair kit.

Cookbooks - funny, unusual and traditional cookbooks

Crafts - gourds, nature printing, drawing

Companion Planting - plants that like to be planted together and those that don't for natural pest management and how plants help or hinder each others' growth

Food Preservation - Canning, freezing, drying, root cellaring and other methods for keeping the harvest

Garden Mysteries  - mysteries where gardening and plants are a primary interest of the main characters 

Gardening Tips, Tricks, Wisdom & Lore  - Gardening ideas and advice, how to grow, when to plant, etc. (see  Garden Tips/Tricks  for old-fashioned tips, tricks, wisdom and lore from the 18th-20th centuries online.)

Gardening with Kids  - Books for kids and parents to share in learning about gardening. Lots of projects for children.

Herbs - Medicinal and Culinary  - planting and caring for herbs, using herbs as medicine and cooking with herbs

Identifying Plants   - books with drawings and photos to help identify plants and how to do botanical illustration. Also links to plant databases with photos and information about individual plants.

Journal Writing, Blank Journals and Pens & Inks  - books on keeping a journal, really neat blank journals, fountain pens and inks for writing and drawing in your journal.

Mulch, Intensive & Lazy Gardening  -  raising a lot of plants in a small space, using mulches to cut down watering and weeding, how to set up a self-renewing permaculture landscape where nature does the work

Native American Gardening  -  history and how to raise and use traditional Native American plants, how to grow a three sisters garden, stories

Nature Spirits  -  Findhorn, Perelandra and Lily Hill Farm, talking and working with nature spirits

Ornamental Grasses  - how to design plantings, grow and use grasses, bamboos and other perennials. Source for plants.

Seed Starting & Plant Propagation  - How to start seeds, save seeds, breed and propagate plants of all kinds.

Seeds, Soils, Biodiversity -  wake up call to take the loss of the earth's biological diversity seriously

Vegetables  -  world record tomatoes (quantity, not largeness), organic vegetable gardening and a website to visit for heirloom information and sources