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Revolving Bookcase Tower, Plant Stand & Table
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new! Choice of solid wood construction or combination of solid-wood and veneer in maple or red oak in a variety of finishes with a clear lacquer topcoat.

great for offices, stores, homes, apartments, condos, dorms, waiting rooms... wherever you need some shelves

Booksellers: Take a revolving bookcase to your next trade show.

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"My wife and I have been book collectors all our lives and have amassed a large collection over the years. We have two rooms devoted almost entirely to bookshelves, plus other shelves distributed in various places about the house. Still, we were lacking book storage space and in fact, had been storing books in stacks on the floor. We are now able to nearly double our book storage area using about half the wall space. I must add that these revolving shelves are attractive, very sturdy and easy to assemble."

Steven Stewart


maple revolving bookcase tower
75" High

oak revolving bookcase plant stand
41-1/2" High

dark oak revolving bookcase table
21-1/4" High


shown in natural maple
Tower - more info

shown in natural red oak
Plant Stand - more info

shown in dark oak stain

Table - more info


Revolving bookcases were quite popular in the late 1800's - early 1900's and are now becoming popular again. They hold a lot of books for the amount of space they use.

The old-fashioned design of slats and fixed shelves has been given a new look with moulded solid wood side panels instead of slats and additional versatility with adjustable shelves.

Books and magazines come in all sizes and shapes and there is a lot of wasted space with fixed shelves. These adjustable shelves can hold everything from oversize reference books to paperbacks, office supplies to laptop computers, curios and memorabilia, cds and videos to anything else you can put on a shelf.

These bookcases are made in Eugene, Oregon by a company that has been making wood shelving systems and shipping internationally for over 20 years.

The bookcases ship KD (knocked down) to save on freight charges. They use a mini-fix and cam system which make them very easy to assemble and disassemble. One or two people can put one together or take one apart in minutes with only a phillips head screwdriver. Because they can be easily taken down, these bookcases are particularly good for trade shows, college, temporary exhibits, fairs, Saturday markets...

Order our revolving bookcases now for a lot of shelving in a small space.


"It may be strictly true that books can exist without bookshelves.... The bookshelf, however, can hardly be imagined without the existence of books." The Book On The Book Shelf - Henry Petroski 1999  

Bookcase Woods & Finishes
The Revolving Bookcases are made from solid Oak and Maple or a combination of solid-wood/veneer. The bookcases have a clear lacquer topcoat to protect and bring out the beauty of the wood.

  Natural Maple (see Tower above) is a light-colored blondish wood with a very fine-grained uniform texture. It brightens any room and enhances the colors of whatever is displayed on it. Maple does not stain well but it does paint nicely. Natural Red Oak (see Plant Stand above) is a reddish brown color with very distinctive wood grain patterns. Stains very nicely. Dark Oak stain (see Table above) is natural red oak which has been stained a slightly darker color. The stain enhances the wood grain pattern. Choose this one if you want to match other oak furniture you already have.

Please do not try to match a color from these photos.
If you would like a stain sample, please e-mail me.

Ask about other finishes.


Cordovan Stain

Old World Mahogany Stain
       Old World Mahogany Stain


Fruitwood Stain Gilsonite Stain Rustic Grey Stain


White Stain 

Bright Cherry Stain

Bright Cherry Stain

Dark Walnut Stain

Dark Walnut Stain